Pittsburgh Ham BBQ

Classic Ham Barbecue Sandwich
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Simple, sweet, tangy and nostalgic, the ham bbq is a staple for any Pittsburgh gathering. You will find it at summer picnics, graduation parties, or anywhere ‘yinz’ watch the Pittsburgh ‘Stillers’. When it comes to the ham used, we use what is called chipped ham. Essentially it is ham that is finely shaved and almost ‘chipped’ when cut. Oh and don’t you dare use Hunts or anything other than Heinz ketchup for ham BBQ, that is a cardinal sin in ‘Stiller’ country. (Jokes aside, this recipe was made to work with Heinz. Using another brand will cause you to have to adjust the recipe a bit).

If you are looking for an easy meal idea I highly recommend giving this a try. It is also great for large gathering because you can toss it in a crockpot and make it ahead of time.

Pittsburgh Ham BBQ

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 5 mins Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Summer


Thinly shaved ham in a sweet and tangy bbq sauce. 



  1. Make the sauce

    In a saucepan whisk together all but the ham. Place the sauce over low heat and cook for 5 minutes, constantly stirring to avoid the sauce from burning. 

  2. Prepare the ham

    Once the sauce is thickened stir in the ham to coat it. Cover with a lid and cook for another 5 minutes to warm the ham. 

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