Winter Mulled Wine

Italian Mulled Wine
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What better way to warm up when the weather starts to turn cold then a nice mug of mulled wine. This is the perfect drink to enjoy next to the fireplace and shared with friends and family. Even those who don’t love wine with will be delighted to receive a cup.

There are countless versions of mulled wine depending on the region you are in, each having its own unique twist. This is one of my favorite ways because I enjoy the orange and spied notes. For me, it is the essence of the Holidays. But of course, you should customize the spices to your taste.

Winter Mulled Wine

Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 6
Best Season: Winter


A warm spiced mulled wine that is perfect for sipping my a fireside on a cold winter night. 



  1. Preparing the Wine

    Add a bottle (750ml) of wine to a medium saucepan. 

    Combine all spices in a cheesecloth, fold and tie. Add to wine. 

    Peel a couple long slices of zest from the orange add to the wine. Cut the orange into slices and add to pan. 

    Grate over a dash of nutmeg and mix in the sugar. 

    If you do not have a cheesecloth a tea strainer works well or you can throw it all into the wine as is. You'll just have to strain the wine after. 
  2. Cook Wine

    Heat the wine over medium-low being careful not to let it boil or you will lose the alcohol. Gently simmer for around 10 minutes. 

    You can leave it on the stove on low to stay warm. 

  3. Serve

    I like to garnish with a cinnamon stick. If you have candied orange slices they are a nice addition too! (Check out our candied blood orange recipe!)

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